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Polish concrete floor. Epoxy coating floor. Grind and seal floors. Underlayment floors. Self-level floors. Decorating concrete floors. Waterproofing floors. Tile and ceramic floors. Terrazzo floors. Overlays concrete floor. Stamp concrete floors. Carpet tile floor. VCT tile floors. Wood Floors. Floor prep.

Why Polished Concrete

Less Maintenance

Most floor system require either extensiv scrubbing or constant refinishing whit waxes or other sealers to protect the floor and to keep it looking acceptable. A PolishedCrete floor requires minimal maintenance and is very easy to clean.


A PolishedCrete floor is the most economical and cost effective flooring available. Maintenance cost are a fraction of any other floor surface, plus a PolishedCrete floor is a permanent floorinf solution. No need to redo or replace.

Better Lighting

A PolishedCrete floor increases light reflectivity making the lighting home or business more efficient saving energy and money. Better lighting will make home, business, warehouse or showroom come to life.


No Stripping and Waxing

Whit a PolishedCrete floor, there is no need to wax or strip the floor, EVER!!! Only a periodic reburnishing is all that´s needed to keep your floors looking and performing great.


Polished Concrete can sometimes be mistaken for marble, it is so smooth and attractive. No other floor system can boast such beauty as a PolishedCrete floor.

Tire Streaks are history

Tire marks can be an eye soro and nearly impossible to remove. With a PolishedCrete floor, any tire or shoe scuff marks left on the floor can easy be wiped away.

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